Software Development and Consultancy



With over 15 years of experience in ICT development, we excel in designing high-quality software solutions in a wide range of domains, ranging from low-level hardware algorithms to innovative user interfaces and networked applications.


Mobile Applications

We have the right competence when it comes to mobile application development. Besides a reliable implementation of business logic, we keep focus on an understandable and user-friendly interface that takes into consideration the device's constraints, conceiving apps that target a broad user base.



The skills of our team are complementary, which allows us to work as a stand-alone unit as well as a reinforcement to existing teams. Twitec can contribute to the analysis, development and maintenance of your IT projects.


Tom Van Laerhoven

After obtaining his PhD in computer science in 2006, Tom started as a senior/postdoctoral researcher at Hasselt University. Lateron he became co-owner and technical director at a software company creating highly stylised images and animations before co-founding Twitec. He is passionate about developing high-quality software, which is exactly what Twitec is all about.


William Van Haevre

Driven by a passion for science and technology, William acquired his PhD in computer science in 2007. After valorizing the acquired research results in a co-owned animation company, he targeted mobile application development. With several years of experience and a broad set of skills he co-founded Twitec to contribute to new, challenging IT projects.

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